K.C. Jazz Angels

A memorial to Charlie Parker outside the American Jazz Museum in Kansas City, MO.

K.C. Jazz Angels

For Milton

Bill Basie playing sweet riffs

Swinging “One O’Clock Jump”

12th Street, Reno Club

Lester Young’s sweet tenor sax blowin’

chorus with the Count




Jazz Angels

Wild jump blues, shake the bandstand

Marijuana smoke dances

drifts from the band

Charlie Parker too young to blow

leans over the balcony

listens to Lester, blowmanblow.

Woodsheds on stoops,

back alleys, waiting for the nod.




Jazz Angels

Yeah, man that was Jazz.

4 Responses to K.C. Jazz Angels

  1. johemmant says:

    Yep, that was jazz 🙂

  2. gingatao! says:

    Blow, man, blow! Yeehah! Life is an improvised art form, like Jazz which is the greatest achievement of American culture. Blow Scot, blow, woohoo,

  3. Scot says:

    Thanks Paul. I have read some jazz poems from different beat poets–just thought I would try my hand at it. Always sound better read aloud. Kansas City was wide open/never closed when these guys played there.

  4. Scot says:

    Thanks for the read! 🙂

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