Watercolor–The Color of Zen

January 25, 2008

Well, the middle of Watercolor (scroll down) was a bit off–maybe difficult as was said. It was awkward without obvious help. The first stanza was Zen-like–well close to it. You can see the omissions and additions. Does it work? What is Zen? Like the masters say, if I explain it–it isn’t Zen. so, the real question…is this poem any better for it?  I can say that read aloud–it has a better flow…


The Color of Zen

January 25, 2008

Too much morning light
can erase the purple and pink-
gray clouds layered above
the hills like cotton ribbons.

Misled dharma followed
you off this morning mountain
dusting roadside primrose
the color of Zen.

Crow calls break the silence
as Monet colors mix
with backrun brush-strokes
of too much water.
A good sunrise is hard to hold
like tail lights over the last hill.