Hey folks,

Check out this poet living in San Francisco. He is William Taylor Jr. and he a great poet. Like other SF poets he writes about the city–the common things he sees with a great voice and a unique eye. I have bought his new book–“Words for Songs Never Written” I bought it directly from him for $10.00 with paypal. It is worth every cent. Check out his website–and all the links. It has links to sites that have published his work. The Beat (UK) just published one of mine. A lot of Taylor’s poetry is there, but the great stuff is in his new book. I am not impressed with a lot of poetry–but William Taylor Jr is good and worth a second reading. Let me say, if you are going to buy a book of poetry this year (and this contains a lot of poems) then you need to buy this one. You will not be disappointed. You might burn down your greenhouse, but that is another story.

9 Responses to NEW FANTASTIC POET–William Taylor Jr.

  1. johemmant says:

    I’m in, I buy way too much poetry, read nothing but these days (I used to read novels voraciously, it takes me two weeks to finish one now, scandal!)………thanks for the tip. I had a look at The Beat and will look some more today. Your piece there is exquisite, no other word will do.

  2. johemmant says:

    Had a quick look, they’re very good (for what it’s worth you’re better…..not blowing smoke).

  3. gingatao! says:

    i will check it out but i did i hear you whisper in an aside that The Beat Uk had published one of yours? Well that’s gotta be a magazine with some class worth buying too, congratulations! yayayayay!!!!!! sorry, polite handshake, well done,

  4. Narnie says:

    congrats to you and a slap on the back for highlighting a fellow poets new work… the ultimate nod of respect for which I am sure he is thankful. I shall check it out. 🙂

  5. Scot says:

    Thanks Jo
    William will appreciate it I’m sure. Besides being a good poet, he seems to be a good human being. Centennial Press did a fantastic job with the book and the cover art is very unique. It truly is a great book. As for the other comment, aw shucks.

  6. Scot says:

    It is an online mag in the UK that looks for new, emerging and exciting writers–that’s you Paul!

  7. Scot says:

    Thank You Narnie–he is much like you–a people watcher with a poet’s eye and a poet’s heart!

  8. gingatao! says:

    Yeah I read three or four of his pieces there and they were very cool. It’s good to see such a original and distinctive voice get deserved accolades from the outside world. Onwards, forwards…

  9. Scot,

    Thanks for your fine review of the book we published for William, Words For Songs Never Written. It’s great to know that his words continue to reach people. The first incarnation of an idea for a book came in 2003, while my wife and I were visiting SF and met with William for the first time (in person) and I said simply, “I’m gonna do a book for you.”

    The idea for a book morphed from chapbook to something more substantial pretty quickly … a New & Selected? Why the hell not? So we went for it. And God bless Bill for his patience, cuz it took me four years to save enough money to be able to do this right … to give his words the proper home they deserved.

    Your kind words add to my inherent confidence that we’ve, in fact, done just that … made something beautiful together (William and Centennial Press) that will live in this world for a very long time.

    So thank you. I appreciate it greatly.

    And I want to make a plea to your readers (past, present, and future). PLEASE support the small press. Support Centennial Press by purchasing this book from us. It was one hell of an investment (worth every penny, Bill being the fine poet that he is). But the money came all out of pocket. So if you’re going to buy this book … and I really hope you do … please buy it from Centennial Press direct. It’s my plea to you. And to sweeten the deal, if you DO buy from us … mention Scot’s interview and I’ll throw in a FREE numbered and signed broadside of a poem written by small press legend A.D. Winans!

    Support Centennial Press and buy Words For Songs Never Written. I guarantee it’s one of the best books of poetry you’ll ever read. William Taylor Jr. is a poet who doesn’t work with words, he works with magic.

    You’ll see.

    Charles Nevsimal
    Editor & Otherwise
    Centennial Press

    P.s. Hey Scot, any chance you could include us in your “Links” box? 🙂

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