Jazz Haiku–Frisking the Whiskers


Frisking the Whiskers

on the street two beat
jump jazz swings the door open
scat cats call us in


10 Responses to Jazz Haiku–Frisking the Whiskers

  1. johemmant says:

    fab……real energy here, all in the jazzy alliteration.

  2. Paul says:

    blow, Scot, blow, cool bananas,

  3. Narnie says:

    clickin your fingers to the rhythm… nice side slide in a dark alley, leading us to brighter lights?

  4. Jazz and haiku go together so well, this is great.

  5. Scot says:

    Thanks CGP–I thought they did too! 🙂

  6. I find this haiku very sensual! I have no idea why!

  7. angela leuck says:


    I like your jazz haiku. I’m currently working on an anthology of jazz haiku from around the world. I’l like to include yours. Email me at acleuck@gmail.com. Cheers, Angela (VP of Haiku Canada)

  8. Richard Stevenson says:

    Just came across your Frisking the Whiskers — Jazz Haiku site. I see it’s a couple of years old, but is this an ongoing project or was a paper anthology eventually produced?

    I’m a well-established Canadian poet with 26 books and 10 chapbooks behind me, including a couple of lyric/narrative full-length collections of jazz poetry on Miles Davis and his music (one from Thistledown Press; the other from Ekstasis Editions), and two chapbooks — one on Miles’music (Tempus Fugit) and the other a chapbook of jazz haiku called Jazz Pops for Jack (both with Lauerl Reed Books).

    Could send aliong some jazz haiku if you are still collecting them.


    Richard Stevenson

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