Recycled Haiku

I teach a semester poetry class to high school students in my spare time. Actually, I let them discover poetry. We get out of the classroom, out of our box and look at things in a different way. One thing I try stress is poetry is everywhere–from the church service to the alley where homeless huddle around a burning barrel. Heck, you can even find poetry in poetry ( or prose)–

I took this title (waiting to come out of the haiku closet) ——feng shui is when she walks out talking the dog
and the last pack of cigarettes

from a poem recently and transformed it into a haiku: (somewhat of a recycled poem–a green haiku for the crafty green poet in us all–

feng shui is when she
slams the door taking the last
pack of cigarettes.

More often than not the class turns into a therapy session, but the kids make a connection with a bit of life and each other. The majority of these kids need or have to write. They need a vehicle to get it out–someway to keep their balance. At the end of the semester and a long the way, I learn more than I want to know and so do they.

6 Responses to Recycled Haiku

  1. johemmant says:

    I would love to do something like that….the creativity of kids of all ages astounds me. My two boys see the world through such open eyes and both of them say things which blow me away……good teachers do such important work.

  2. Vincent says:

    I’m trying to understand it. Does this mean when she’s gone the place feels better? It seems ambiguous as it stands. If I am attached to her and to smoking, I might write that

    Feng shui
    Is when she comes back home
    bringing a new pack of cigarettes

    (I don’t remember how many syllables required for haiku)

  3. Scot says:

    5/7/5 syllables
    It means whatever it means to you. 🙂 Thanks for stopping in and come back.

  4. Paul says:

    sillybubbles you mean, haikuschmaiku toil and trouble,
    sounds like a wonderful time, a gift given and received simultaneously,

  5. Narnie says:

    wonderful that you give up your spare time to give back to the community. Your last sentence here is profound.

  6. ybonesy says:

    I like it. It has a certain pause before the last 5.

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