National Poetry Month

If you haven’t joined in the discussion on “What is Good Poetry’ or have– jump back down and do a follow up and read through the thread. After all, this is about building community and I am glad you are here.

Beginning tomorrow, I will attempt to post a poem a day in support of April being National Poetry Month. Not all will be good as usually I hit the mark about every seventh one. 🙂

So, as a good poet–take the challenge and do the same.

5 Responses to National Poetry Month

  1. johemmant says:

    I thought about it but the kids are off school and I am busy with side projects so it’s just not doable for me at the moment, plus I write less well if I force it. As for hitting the mark every seventh one, are you kidding? I think you hit the target pretty much every time….

  2. Paul says:

    Yeah, you are probably one of the few people who could do this and they will all be worth reading, being The Scot Young! I will try to add a few random lines breaks to each piece and see if i can get away with that, at the moment I am enjoying being pointlessly all over the shop,

  3. Scot says:

    piece of cake Paul–if you have the time

  4. aichlee says:

    yeah! kudos on this project. i’ll be checking back soon =)

  5. Scot says:

    Welcome Aichlee–come back often–not a lot of people know about Bob Kaufman–good post!

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