Haikuschmaiku: Coloring Outside the Lines

no publish haiku
say I broke established rules
of Japanese art

so pissing in a
dirty urinal is not

or whores waiting for
the light to change
or waking up
coyote drunk…

well not exactly

the middle finger waving
from behind this screen

can be taken singular
or plural—no rules


13 Responses to Haikuschmaiku: Coloring Outside the Lines

  1. Bob says:

    Feel better? 🙂 Poetry’s good for *that*, too.

  2. Paul says:

    Woohoo, if it was a poetry reading, I would be on my feet going woohooooooo, Go Scot! this one made my day, Rage On!

  3. johemmant says:

    Brilliant, Paul said exactly what I thought while I was reading it — this would be fabulous at a reading, bloody fabulous. I love it, it is so clever, so funny, I have a HUGE smile across my face now……..

  4. Paul says:

    no rules broken, no art spoken, it’s a perfect expression of an idea, something to chant while storming the barricades of the artyfarty literati, haha,

  5. Scot says:

    well Bob, they published them anyway, but I hated to waste this. 🙂

  6. Scot says:

    thanks for the whooohoo-hope the new job is going well

  7. Scot says:

    huge grins are good–thanks

  8. Scot says:

    yeah brother, slap that on a shirt

  9. waking up coyote drunk …

    … nice.

  10. Scot says:

    Thanks Rodger that is from a previous haiku

  11. joefelso says:

    One of my students asked me once if you could ever write angry haiku. I said no, but I think I’m changing my answer… no rules broken, no art spoken.

  12. Scot says:

    anything is possible? don’t you think?

  13. kimt says:

    woo hoo… break those rules that’s what they are for! i do it all the time with mine ;o )

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