One Mile Out

Sammy the cook paddled
us out to the coral reef
in his dugout canoe
we snorkeled through
natural arches
above stingrays
a thousand darting
color wheel fish

watching Jamaica
from this dugout
with ganga and rum
we ride the tide
pulling against
the moon
bobbing gently
like a rasta man
on stage
with Bob Marley

6 Responses to One Mile Out

  1. jo says:

    You have a very strange blog. Paul convinced me to try out google reader, I put you in there yesterday, all was working fine, this morning you’d packed your bags and gone to Jamaica, grin, ie disappeared. Tried to put you back in, it claimed no feed available……any ideas? Oh well, I’ll just have to come via the blogroll, no worries, what’s a click. But nice writing, again.

  2. Paul says:

    It works fine for me, I am so jealous of both the experience and your natural gift for poetry, may different rhythms and tones, fantastic,

  3. Bob says:

    Paul beat me… this one’s all about the rhythm, buoyed by Marley bringing up the rear. What could be better than that?

  4. Scot says:

    rhythm huh? don’t know nothin’ about that.

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