American Sentence #4

April 20, 2008

We count shooting stars. Put them in a jar under a hillbilly moon.

**After beginning the American Sentence postings. I quickly discovered that almost any of these can easily be turned into a longer, maybe more meaningful work or simply given a title–like North Beach Poker. American Sentences have become a switch that turns on the light–an internal brain storm–something needed during the craziness of National Poetry Month. Saving Shooting Stars is one such poem which went from an American Sentence to a Haiku Sonnet to this. Thanks for reading.


Saving Shooting Stars

April 20, 2008

for Rosanna

to the Ozarks–
the plan
spring creek
skinny dipping
in July
from the road

like teenagers we
hurry our shorts back on
when we hear
gravel crunching
laugh when
the car passes

on Wednesdays
we will write poems
of youth
paint wildflower
of mountains
faded barns
forgotten farms
of cedar hills
that never end

on Sundays
we sip green tea
on front porch
eyes closed to the sun
whisper to God

before the whippoorwills
we will once more
count shooting stars
hide them
in a mason jar
and love under a
hillbilly moon