Skimming Vegas

out the window
of the Riviera
while we slept
the Stardust fell
to March

in a neon
of dust
and mirrors
it was like
an old
leaving town

2 Responses to Skimming Vegas

  1. johemmant says:

    LOVE this too, blimey you are on a roll. Great visual, great, kerpow.

  2. Bob says:

    By ‘Riviera’, I assume you speak of the hotel, not the car… Just kidding, this is about as good as poetry gets. Frankly, I’m surprised the Riviera still stands (if, indeed, it hasn’t already been rebuilt. I haven’t been to Vegas in many years). I doubt there are many who read this who can remember the ‘old Vegas’ when it was a cultural thing to stay downtown rather than going out to The Strip. Cudos! This is wonderful!

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