Chinatown Jazz

May 31, 2008

sax man blows
slow note jazz
corner of Kearny
& California
bubbles up like
a slo-gin fizz
in a hip pocket
sun glasses
case open
catches loose change
from tourists
walking too fast
to feel
the jazzman’s
that wraps the walls
of Old St.Mary’s


International Poetry Festival

May 30, 2008

cellophane saint
by dead poets
left along
the road
you have slipped
in and out
the back door
too many times
sending fellow poets
to graves knowing
beyond the fake
the truth
proclaiming on their
death beds
how you turned
on them

you slip
into second life
hang out a shingle
of poet or writer
tag yourself
the laureate
and sell your
leftover compost
turning frequently
to wide eyed
converts who fail
to see the little man
behind the curtain
in blueblack ink

The SFIPF was held las summer with poets gathering from all corners of the globe. This old photo is entitled the Last Gathering taken outside City Lights Book Store. Ferlinghetti is holding the umbrella. Brautigan has the white hat on. Ginsberg is well Ginsberg. Peter is seated along with Bob Kaufman. McClure is pictured also. If you know the story of Micheline as well as some other poets–you will know this poem.

A Beer With Bukowski

May 30, 2008

sat two stools down
from bukowski
holding up a high-life
he nodded in my direction
downed it
tapped the empty
on the bar


I whispered
tell him I’m a poet

bukowski emptied
another one
tapped it twice
twisted out
his cigarette
went to the john

I leaned in

sounding like cagney
& polishing small circles
on the worn bar
he said,

who the hell ain’t

Found Poem—And Now the News on May 29, 2008

May 29, 2008

Instant Karma:
China bans Sharon Stone films

Charity aid workers
raping abusing children

Man hanged 87 years ago
in Australia—pardoned

Hundreds of New Testaments
torched in Israel

China evacuates
160,000 over quake

Ex-Press Secretary thinks
(are you serious)
he told lies for Bush

Foreign Adoptions halted
due to baby stealing


Only 210 Shopping days left
until Christmas

Airport Blues

May 28, 2008

I go to lonely airports
packed of people
watch the fast walking
eyes glazed
fixed into a
cappuccino crowd
of standbys &

the shine man smiles
hawks his trade
like a pt barnum
the brush carries
a beale street
12 bar rhythm
the smudged rag
carried from mississippi
sings a juke joint

snap two three snap

as the lonely sit
face covered
by the morning times
that history
is singing
the last note

This poem was inspired by a poem by Jo Janoski and of course a bit of life

Sometimes I Hold You While You Sleep

May 27, 2008

between the road signs

Hi & Dri Boat Storage
Have you talked to the Lord Today

I looked over
watched you sleep
gently lifts
caught in window light
angels pirouette
on rainbows

as we passed
through Egypt Grove
Dylan sang
Blowin in the Wind
I said a quiet prayer


May 26, 2008

my poems live in
you collecting metaphors
of love & friendship