Haiku: Bukowski and the 4 Fs

find ‘em fool ‘em fuck
‘em forget ‘em
and never
ever say never

12 Responses to Haiku: Bukowski and the 4 Fs

  1. Bob says:

    If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that quote, I’d be wealthy, indeed. Now, I know who coined it. I guess I should have known…

  2. Scot says:

    well maybe not Bob–but he is now a haiku!

  3. kimtblogger says:

    I have never heard the saying before it must be a US thang. As a parent of two daughters. I hope that they wont come across men who subscribe to the 4F or for that matter that women that subscribe to that ethos.

  4. Sumedh says:

    one ingredient of the substance!

  5. johemmant says:

    yes, I never knew if was his, though I’d heard it often. Well done.

  6. Scot says:

    it is not his comment–I suspect some thirteen year old boy made it up

  7. Scot says:

    as a father of three daughters, I can say, you must do more than hope—you must educate/warn them about this ridiculous saying because in all walks of life–they will come across these guys.

  8. Scot says:


    no idea what you mean, but thanks for dropping in

  9. Scot says:

    author’s note: this is a take off of the previous bukowski poem’s title–a simple joke on life if you will disguised as a haiku

  10. Scot says:

    Long time…thanks for the visit!

  11. cruxandflux says:

    re reading ham on rye now.. i love this guy

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