Common Loons of Chequamegon Bay

there is
when the loons return
to this superior lake
eerie night yodel
mournful wails
across the apostles

waking the ghosts
of scattered
marked by

july cold
dream wrapped
in flannel sheets
and quilts
we believe
they mate
for life
as they call
the names
of the lost

8 Responses to Common Loons of Chequamegon Bay

  1. Bob says:

    I remember the loons… and I miss them. I’ll forever associate them with British Columbia. Thanks for the memories you brought flooding back.

  2. kimtblogger says:

    My uncle is a Candian my way of NZ and he bought me two wooden loons on his last visit to Australia. The pair have pride of place on my mantle.

    Amazing that many birds mate for life!

  3. I love the sound of loons, your description of their call as ‘eerie night yodel’ is excellent.

  4. johemmant says:

    Lovely write, Scot, very atmospheric.

  5. Scot says:

    actually scientists say they do not mate for life–just one of the myths–but it is nice to believe they do. thanks for reading

  6. Scot says:

    🙂 I like the sound too.

  7. Scot says:

    I don’t know what it is–loons and whipporwills make me feel good–must be what is associated with it

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