Chinatown Jazz

sax man blows
slow note jazz
corner of Kearny
& California
bubbles up like
a slo-gin fizz
in a hip pocket
sun glasses
case open
catches loose change
from tourists
walking too fast
to feel
the jazzman’s
that wraps the walls
of Old St.Mary’s

18 Responses to Chinatown Jazz

  1. I really love this poem. I have always wanted to go to Chinatown, been to the one in Philidelphia.

  2. whypaisley says:

    that one has a real groove to it.. i am wondering do you live in san francisco?? i live in marin…

  3. Scot says:

    just visited a few times

  4. Scot says:

    thanks –glad you liked it.

  5. lissa says:

    cool. jazzy, if you will. i love “bubbles up like a slo-gin fizz”

  6. johemmant says:

    the jazzman’s
    that wraps the walls
    of Old St.Mary’s

    Love how you got this happening and the toursits hurrying by, not appreciating it, the slow to quick to crescendo. Very good movement.

  7. Scot says:

    🙂 just sounded like slo jazz

  8. Bob says:

    Remember the Tenderloin well… ambience wafts off this like City fog…

  9. JO says:

    I just love the whole ambiance this creates.

  10. Another nice one, Scot. You’ve been on a roll lately: Beer With Bukowski, Int’l Poetry Fest, and now this one.

  11. Scot says:

    thanks for the comment

  12. Scot says:

    Usually comes in threes

  13. […] – POETRY, GET YER RED HOT POETRY. Some nice new poems over at Be Not Inhospitable To Strangers by one of our frequent commenters, Scot Young: A Beer With Bukowski, International Poetry Festival, and Chinatown Jazz. […]

  14. Usually comes in threes

    I’ve noticed

  15. cruxandflux says:

    puts me right there, in a calming soothing place.. makes me wanna stop and listen to him jam out

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