The Rain Doesn’t Really Wash it All Away

June 22, 2008

after 40 years
the details get blurry
like that rainy night
a block from harvey’s
tavern where you lay
on that rain
soaked highway
i remember I was invited
to the movies that night
my mother said no
cause of the weather

i pass your grave
when we travel
go out of the way
to pass by
sometimes we stop
find your marker
until taking a deep breath
doesn’t really help

i am reminded of the day
our junior high closed
one hour parade
of buses down
50 highway
crying through your service
sitting shoulder to shoulder
many outside never got in
lined around down-
town warrensburg
except to file by your casket
and picture
blond bangs beatle haircut
smiling face
0 remember our teachers
were quiet that day
taking up the back rows
adult silent crying

after 40 years the details
get blurry
like when the windshield wipers
don’t remove all
the water–
and the rain really doesn’t
wash it all away
it is the same as
not understanding
about losing a friend
at 13

nobody talked
on the way home
white faced
we stared
out the bus windows
not knowing we
would never
be the same