after Bukowski’s “Bluebird” by Holly Dunlap

We all tell stories of bluebirds
stuck in our hearts

as though nests are forever
as though we own our hearts

but the rest of us live in the water
and the bluebird can only fly for so long

before there is no more land
for landing.


My name is Holly E Dunlap. I am a writing teacher and poet living in the Athens, GA area. I also dabble in the sundry–singing, riding mountain bikes, swimming, yoga, hiking, drawing, painting, and probably sitting on my computer way too much since I got broadband. I have an M.A. in CW from U of Colorado, Boulder. I am reading a mentor’s (Marcia Douglas) poetry book right now. She is Jamaican, and I can hear her calming voice as I read her also quite placid poems. Holly can be found blogging and writing poetry by clicking here.

8 Responses to after Bukowski’s “Bluebird” by Holly Dunlap

  1. Wow, Holly – interesting reaction to “Bluebird”. Nice write. I especially like this line – “as though nests are forever”.


  2. kimtblogger says:

    my favourite lines “as though nests are forever, as though we own our hearts” it beautifully captures the briefness of life and love

  3. JO says:

    I love the first two lines…so true.”We all tell stories of bluebirds stuck in our hearts.”

  4. ybonesy says:

    Very nice. It speaks to me of a certain impermanence.

  5. Scot says:

    powerful statement—goodgoodgood. Thanks for being here

  6. Julie says:

    Lovely, Holly! “As though nests are forever.” You hit the nail right on the head. Beautiful work.

  7. David Rheins says:

    my fave: ‘the rest of us live in the water’

  8. pieceofpie says:

    oh that is sorta painful…. a beautiful response to bukowski’s bluebird.. it is the simplicity of the deep waters flowing..

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