Bluebird Song by David Rheins

Before it was beaten out of me
Before they taught me to color inside the lines
Raise my hand, and wait to be called upon
Before I was schooled to stand up straight
Avoid chewing gum; speak when spoken to
Before being trained to respond to bells
I learned to cipher my words
With poetry and slang and gibberish
Masking the fullness of my feelings
With oblique language
and casual nonchalance
Before my windows were walled in,
With self-medication
Sullen silence and cloudy self-pity
I used to speak directly to God
Connecting to the cosmic voice
Each night, sweaty underneath
The quilted bedspread
I called out to the creator in my head
And God he spoke back to me
In echoed tones and repeated phrases
Like the reverberating sounds
From Drive-In speakers:
Or the call of the bluebird:
Never forget, never forgive

David Rheins bio:

David Rheins is a Jersey City, NJ-based songwriter/poet/visual artist. He blogs at:
He has released two CDs: 1995’s Be Apart and 2005’s Everything That Ever Was both with Indianapolis based songwriting partner Tim Brickley ( and his band the Bleeding Hearts .
Rheins founded the independent artist’s collective Free Pamphlet Publishing,, with the notion that: “There is no wrong in art.”

In addition to being an acclaimed artist, Mr. Rheins leads the social media marketing practice at Soho agency AttentionUSA ( ).

11 Responses to Bluebird Song by David Rheins

  1. kimtblogger says:

    i know so many creative people who used to colour outside the lines and have been medicated into a box… either self medication or prescribed. I hope that you are talking to God again…

  2. johemmant says:

    Wow. This is simply stunning.

  3. Scot says:

    bravo David–one of your best–the best one of yours I have read anyway

  4. Julie says:

    David, this is excellent. The tone, the rhythm, everything. Very powerful. Thank you for sharing with us. I will check out your site, because I would love to read more of your work.

  5. David Rheins says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to share my work. I really enjoyed the assignment, and look forward to participating more with this group.

  6. Cherie says:

    Excellent Dave. Keep the creative juices flowing, you have something valuable to say!

  7. Joy Rheins says:

    David was born talented and sensitive. Brash and cutting edge outside, loving and caring inside.

  8. JO says:

    Oh my God! I forgot what it was like back when I was a kid. So pure and true…

  9. johemmant says:

    Mmm, some of us didn’t do our assigments and are in trouble with teach *grin*. I’ll leave an apple on the table, and promise to try next time.

  10. Tamster says:

    Joy says it well

  11. pieceofpie says:

    ..this reminds me of my son when he was younger.. has been drawing since day 1.. one day he came home brokenhearted b/c a teacher hissed at his work… it was not good enuf b/c he went outside the lines… he has been changed… hopefully there is still light in his heart… i think so… fighting daily over the unspoken law… we must conform!!!… resistence is futile.. ya know, the borg…

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