My Little Bluebird…………..Alexa Cohen

(Alexa wrote this so her little girl would understand. She also didn’t think it was good enough to post. I did)

Testing your wings.

There was a time
when you would stay,
when you were mine.

When I was your world,
When there was no one
but me by your side.
When you were my world.

Now you are flying
laughing and free.
You are smiling
with joy in those eyes
that no longer need
to look into mine.

Fly away, my little bluebird.



I am a 38 years old mum who studied Middle Ages Literature and History but who works as airline ground staff to earn her life.
I live with my three daughters, my three dogs and my three cats in a shabby house which is never as clean and tidy as it should be.
My little daughter is partially deaf. She is ten years old and to me, she is the most beautiful child in the whole wide world.
MY blog is but it’s not really a poetry blog. It’s rather a mess

14 Responses to My Little Bluebird…………..Alexa Cohen

  1. kimtblogger says:

    just lovely… as a mother of daughters too this touches me. My girls test there wings regularly but they know they are safe to do so.

    Well done :o)

  2. Vincent says:

    I love it. Primal truth & simplicity. Which is in the bio too. Congratulations to Alexa

  3. johemmant says:

    Lovely, lovely, really moved me.

  4. lissa says:

    lovely. full of such love and honesty. i’m really glad you did post it scot.

  5. JEFF says:

    great language…we love it…

  6. Julie says:

    Very lovely. I’m glad you posted it!

  7. Alexa Cohen says:

    Thank you very much, Kimtblogger, Vincent, Johemmant, Lissa, Jeff and Julie. Your opinion means a lot to me.

    And most of all thanks to Scot, for his kindness and patience.

    I am deeply grateful.

  8. Romarsan says:

    Al final aprenderé a bloggear, jejeje

  9. ybonesy says:

    It’s absolutely gorgeous, Alexa, and something that will move any mother. It moved me. Thanks.

  10. janetleigh says:

    Oh my, but I find this very touching and can relate to it most assuredly. The loss from having your child’s undivided attention and unconditional love to a lesser place of importance in the scheme of things, is quite painful, although necessary. (See my own No More Ruffled Feathers).

  11. janetleigh says:

    Oops, I hit something and it went away before I could write that Alexa’s poem really touches me deeply and she ought to continue expressing herself in her insightful way..:)

  12. borgonyon says:

    Muy linda, ale, igual que tú y tus hijas . . .

  13. Emma says:

    As I told you before, beautiful!

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