Poetry Challenge #2 Update

To date I have four submissions in my inbox. I will begin posting these on Friday. Some of you are on vacation, holiday, hiding in your room or just have more pressing business. I understand. A few are working on it and that is good. It is not too late–and it is never too late–so no excuses.

I discovered a couple of zines, Gloom Cupboard (UK). They as a matter of fact took the poem Open All Night and published it over night. gloomcupboard.com I recognized some names there so that is a good thing. There are also having a chapbook contest (no fees) to celebrate their birthday.

I had dancing at woodstock accepted at Instant Pussy which is a print mag in chapbook form. Misti Rainwater-Lites is the owner It is an underground/alternative press and not for everybody.
The Guild of Outsider Writers keeps a page of Submission Calls on zines and contests. Keep checking this as it updates periodically.


Asphalt Sky is calling all poets to submit their best work. How do you know it’s your best? Does it make your toes tingle, your heart race, and your teeth rattle? Send it in immediately.

Asphalt Sky only wants poetry that is concrete, literate, and thoughtful. Formal or free verse are both welcome, as long as the language sings.

* Submissions are only accepted via email at asphaltsky at gmail dot com.

* Please submit between 3-5 poems in the body of the email. The deadline is like now–you have a few days–so send it ASAP

Oh, the picture? I have no idea.

5 Responses to Poetry Challenge #2 Update

  1. johemmant says:

    Hey thanks for the info……and congrats on the overnight success! Yippee.

  2. Scot says:

    You are welcome

  3. Hey, Scot! Congratulations!! See? I told you how awesome you are. Keep them coming! You’ll be all famous and too good for us pretty soon.

    You and Bob and PoetMan got me in trouble today, dangit! My big fat Homer boss found out (via new Big Brother technology) that I was looking at your sites. When he grilled me about it, I asked him if he learned anything. I don’t think he did.

    So now I have to stalk everybody after hours.

    Anyway, I’m hogging space here. Keep up the excellent work! We’re all cheering for you. And please keep posting your work here when you can.

  4. Scot says:

    damn, big jabroni–thanks for your stalkingness–

    send in a poem to asphalt sky–today!

  5. johemmant says:

    Thanks for the plug!!!!

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