your beautiful eyes………….by Kim Tairi

when you first hit me
aurora borealis
eyes filled with fire…

those beautiful eyes
mesmerised me and the pain
became bearable

noone else saw it…
to frightened to say – I struggled to walk away

Kim a 17 syllable poet is a mother, sister, lover, daughter, friend and librarian who likes to run, jump and frolic in Melbourne’s parks and laneways. She also knits away her winter nights while listening to the sounds of her youth and yearning….
Kim’s writing can be found here.

6 Responses to your beautiful eyes………….by Kim Tairi

  1. Lovely, Kim. Aurora borealis is a great image, but I also love the way the word feels on the tongue. A 17 syllable poet sounds cool. I’ll have to check out your website to learn how to say more with less. Thanks for sharing.

  2. nathan1313 says:

    You have so much here in 8 lines. That you make the speaker the only one who sees the “eyes filled with fire” adds so much power to this.

  3. Scot says:

    with all three

  4. Sumedh says:

    wonderfully expressed…

  5. maurie says:

    Lovely expression, i think that you see much in the beauty of those eyes.Nice.

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