Next Saturday Night (Six Sentences)

We will make eye contact through the cigarette smoke sometime between Mamma Tried and I walk the Line. Something about the short shorts, save a horse, ride a cowboy t-shirt… and boots that will make you stand out. It will take awhile, a few more drinks, maybe a few more shots, but you will ask me to dance and at last call we will leave doing the Laverne and Shirley dance down the sidewalk and end up at your place. Without a bunch of small talk but with another shot of tequila we will have some hot shooting out the lights sex and pass out. I will wake up in the morning, head pounding, see the sheet twisted around your long leg, briefly study the curve in your back, and find my pants before I need to recall your name. I will leave boots in hand, ride the high lonesome back home and wonder if this is all there is.

20 Responses to Next Saturday Night (Six Sentences)

  1. So good, Scot! Boots in hand. Ha! At least you didn’t have to gnaw your arm off. Just kidding.

    This is truly another excellent piece.

  2. paisley says:

    well it sounds kind of shallow… but i’d give it a try…….LOL!!!!

  3. Scot says:

    picked up some kell robertson
    thanks for reading

  4. Holly D says:

    Sexy, funny, poignant, and sad all at once…how did you’ns do that? (a little Appalachian dialect for you…this poem deserved it). Good stuff!

  5. nathan1313 says:

    You do this form justice.

  6. Scot says:

    Holly D
    you mean you’uns all.

  7. Scot says:

    thanks for reading

  8. lissa says:

    love the last two sentences.

  9. scot says:

    thanks for the comments–appreciated

  10. Julie says:

    Kell Robertson is the master. I bow down at his feet. He’d probably say, “Why the hell are you bowing down at my feet?” But I still do. Did you get Leveling Wind? Bear Crossing? There are so many…

  11. Holly D says:

    you and your paragraphs that you like to call poems… 😉 (hehe!)

  12. Scot says:

    bear crossing
    A horse called Deperation

  13. johemmant says:

    Okay, I’m confused cos this wasn’t in my reader, I just stopped by cos you’d gone quiet…..oh well, great writing, really, really loved this…….though it seems so un-you *grin*.

  14. janetleigh says:

    Yeah, what Johemmant said.. ;>
    Don’t get me wrong tho, it’s great writing!!! heh heh

  15. Bob says:

    The “high lonesome” indeed… how many times did I ask the same question (in less eloquent terms, of course)? Nice job, Scot.

  16. Holly D says:

    Scot…I don’t have an email for you, so I’m using the comment section…I am doing a collaborative poem with Julie and Nathan…was hoping maybe you’d join in…if so, email me!

  17. johemmant says:

    Where did you get to? I’m worrying, needlessly no doubt, but worrying…..

  18. Pris says:

    Good one! Amazing what can be said in six sentences, eh?

  19. maurie says:

    great context, quite amazing really.

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