Honeysuckle Good-bye…

from a distance it
looks like monet’s bridge arching
over lilies in summer bloom

from a distance
you watch
pressed against

the hand rail waving
confused against
the wild smell of honeysuckle

caught clinging to the
scratched beatle song
playing in yr head

from a distance you
will watch me fade

from the bridge

(this is my last poem–although not as good as some–it is time for this blogging to imaginary friends and readers to end. It has become all consuming and has taken time away from loved ones. No amount of emails and “brilliant work: can get that back. I will leave this blog open, at least for awhile as other’s work is linked here. Thank you for your kind words and faithful readership. For now, I will keep writing, trying to publish some and continue to work on my book. It is much harder putting it down on paper knowing I can’t go back and edit or delete. That is what is taking so long. So that is my project, my task at hand.
So, continue following your dreams, keep the pen moving and look for me. I will do the same.
my best,

24 Responses to Honeysuckle Good-bye…

  1. Sumedh says:

    Well, one should follow one’s heart indeed. We had a nice time reading your innovative and unique perspectives. All the best for everything!

  2. Vincent says:

    It’s been good to come here Scot. I do understand the need to do other stuff instead though. And in particular there can be no better reason to cease blogging than to write in a more permanent medium. And indeed the transition from one to the other is from easy slopes to hard ones. Keep us informed here as and when there is news, please!

  3. Holly D says:

    Scot, I do understand, but will miss your work…we (Nathan, Julie and I) were hoping you’d join us in a collaborative poem, but I’m getting ready to start teaching again, and I spend way too much time on here, so I understand…
    Yes, keep us updated! You will be missed.

  4. paisley says:

    well it certainly was a pleasure to get to know you… i am still mulling over my “bluebird” poem,, and when i have it ready,, when ever that is,, i will email it as i want to share it with you…

    you have been quite an inspiration,, and have introduced me to many of the beat poets i would not have been able to enjoy had it not been for you pointing me in the right direction..

    please drop in if you can from time to time and say hello…..

  5. johemmant says:

    You know I’ll miss you. Keep in touch. And all the best — you’ll make it.

  6. Bob says:

    You’ll be missed, my friend. Thanks for the memories…

  7. Yes, we will miss you, Scot. We’ll keep an eye out for your book, too. Best wishes.

  8. kimtblogger says:

    I will miss your encouragement and the community that you have built here. I will look forward to your book. Please keep us posted. Thanks so much for your kind words to all of us.


  9. nathan1313 says:

    I can’t say I don’t understand you. Best of luck and thanks.

  10. I’ll miss you too, good luck with the book. I really enjoyed this poem, confused by honeysuckle is wonderful …

  11. maurie says:

    Yes, you will certainly be missed, as will be your encouragement and support that you have generated amongst the group .Please keep in touch as your work is an inspiration to everyone / Good Luck.

  12. I could tell you were starting to burn out a bit, Scot. You’ll be back. Rest. Regroup. Spend some valued time with loved ones. Writing for an audience on a daily basis can become something of a hamster’s wheel.

  13. 1poet4man says:

    Be Well, good cheer – taking breaks is like allowing for a breath in a poem…

  14. David Rheins says:

    Say it aint so…Scot, you done good with this blog. Wrote some fine verse, made some good friends, enabled some serious networking. Thank you from all of us.

    While I know you say farewell, as someone who has grown up in the music biz, I’m going to suggest that you have only temporarily left the stage. We’ll keep up the vigil (start flicking those bics, hopeful…even after we hear the emcee say: ELVIS IS BACK IN THE BUILDING

  15. Jo Janoski says:

    I just realized nothing much coming from your feed. Are you serious? I just discovered you. Oh well, I can understand what you’re saying, but as you can see, there are a host of people lined up to welcome you back later if you change your mind or need a break…

  16. Scot says:

    Thank you all for the kind words…

  17. joefelso says:

    I just came upon this message, and I wish you all the best. I’m personally grateful and, clearly, so are so many others. It’s hard to do “a little blogging,” but I hope you will find a way to keep up updated. And thank you for creating this community. —D

  18. lissa says:

    best of luck, scot. thanks for all your comments and support. i’ll miss hearing from you and coming to your blog.

  19. ybonesy says:

    Take care, Scot. I’ll miss reading your poems. They are so good, and I can see why you want to focus on that work. Best to you, and thanks for being part of our community for as long as you were.

  20. Best of luck to your future endeavors, Scot. I myself am backing off from the world of prompts to concentrate on other things, but will still be here in the blogosphere. I enjoyed reading your work here. And I will look for you again.


  21. janetleigh says:

    Oh, Scot, I hardly knew thee, and now you’re taking wing. With some sadness mixed in with gratitude for having been a part of your wonderful poetry community, I will see you off with a prayer & a wish for all your endeavors and dreams come to fruition. Your words have greatly inspired me. Please drop in to say “hi” on my blog if the spirit moves you. I look forward to it. Now off, take care and stay inspired! {{{hug}}}

  22. christine says:

    I hope you keep your site up long enough for me to read through your archives. I’m a lazy blogger, slow to reach voices that are new to me, which is why I’ve only visited your site a few times. I read your poems on Word Catalyst, and liked them very much!

    You’re right, blogging can become so time consuming. If it doesn’t serve, why do it?

    Anyway, if you get comments from me on poems from a long time ago, you’ll understand why.

  23. nectarfizz says:

    I will not say goodbye..I will say, see you later..since I know I will read your work again. One does not stop being a poet when they leave, they are a poet..so I know I shall see you once more..Take the time you need..we are here when you return. Bekki

  24. Sara says:

    This poem will be linked to tommorow from PWB. I wish you the best of luck in your writing career. Keep us updated at PWB if you get published.

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