Heartbreak Hotel…Early Elvis

4 Responses to Heartbreak Hotel…Early Elvis

  1. johemmant says:

    So this is now a musical blog? Well he was the bees’ knees.

  2. johemmant says:

    okay, just watched the clip, pure unadulterated sex, he had it in spades, such a shame what happened to him. I remember him dying (I was a huge fan, had posters on my bedroom wall, even though he wasn’t my era, my grandma and I watched the films together, I had all the albums)…….my mother coming upstairs at the beginning of the ten o’clock news to tell me……I was so shocked. I think I was ten…..there’s a poem in here somewhere.

  3. ybonesy says:

    Glad to see Elvis here and there. I heard he was seen at the Olympics.

  4. maurie says:

    What a legend,( fantastic ).

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