Jack Kerouac: Heaven and Other Poems

San Francisco is too sad
Time, I cant understand
Fog, shrouds the hills in
makes unshod feet so cold
Pity the poor Pomo, St. Francis & the birds,
Fills black rooms with day
Dayblack in the white windows
And gloom in the pain of pianos;
Shadows in the jazz age
Filing by; ladders of flappers
Painter’s white bucket
Funny 3 Stooge Comedies
And fuzzy headed Hero
Moofle Lip suck’t it all up
And wondered why
The milk & cream of heaven
Was writ in gold leaf
On a book – big eyes


For the world
The better to see –
And big lips for the word
And Buddhahood
And death.
Touch the cup to these sad lips
Let the purple grape foam
In my gullet deep
Spread saccharine
And crimson carnadine
In my vine of veins
And shoot power
To my hand
Belly heart & head –
This Magic Carpet
Arabian World
Will take us
Easeful Zinging
Cross the sky
Singing Madrigals
To horizons of golden
Moment emptiness
Whither whence uncaring

6 Responses to Jack Kerouac: Heaven and Other Poems

  1. I saw a wonderful show in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe – a play including jazz, dancing, slideshows and extracts from Kerouac and Ginsberg to tell Kerouac’s life story. Kerouac had a wonderful way with words, thanks for posting these.

  2. paisley says:

    living in the san francisco area,, i can vouch for it breathing with the gray fog of mourning… i never encountered such melancholy anywhere i have lived,, it surrounds us,, and chokes out what little sun we do so…

    this was a gift,, thank you for charing it..

  3. maurie says:

    A lopvely pieceof work.///

  4. nectarfizz says:

    I love the way the words create a picture of something that is not completed until the entire poem is read! Lovely.,

  5. magic jack reviews…

    […]Jack Kerouac: Heaven and Other Poems « Be Not Inhospitable to Strangers[…]…

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