last chance blues

sing the blues
of bent note melodies
that cry through tear gas
for civil rights
and civil wrongs
from selma
to momtgomery
across the blood
stained bridge
the wind blows blues
from the balcony
in memphis

sing the blues of
one more chance
the blues of truth
the ringing blues
of I have a dream
sang over
the reflecting pool
in 1965
it is the solitary blues
of yesterday
we all sing
we all sing

8 Responses to last chance blues

  1. janetleigh says:

    I’d love to know what prompted these bluesy beauty, but right now I’m all agog with your showing up here again!! I hope, truly hope, you’re back to stay, Scot.
    I’d love to put this one up on the other site once I get back to it. I’ve been rather predisposed lately. 😦

  2. Holy Crap! I would love to hear this performed! Very moving.


  3. whypaisley says:

    very moving piece.. i will admit it made me wonder how differently the blues are being sung today… and i am not talking about musically….

  4. JO Janoski says:

    I hope you’re staying! This piece is superb. It tugs and pulls and cries out loud.

  5. this is beautiful, in fact the whole series of blues posts is wonderful

  6. Alexa Cohen says:

    It is so moving and it is so true. There are dreams that should come true, and there are blues that we all should sing together.

  7. Holly Dunlap says:

    After being in Birmingham, AL (where my sister lives) this poem really stirs up some images.

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