80 Words

Sometimes shrines are never visited again but appear like makeshift crosses alongside the road for other people to see like the pair of Jimmy Choo shoes left by the front door as a reminder, a memorial for others to view when passing by, to come up with a back story and fill in the blanks. In the spring, when the dust settles and clings to them, silk flowers will be left waiting for a strong wind to blow them away.

5 Responses to 80 Words

  1. Julie says:

    Wow to the second power. I love it, Scot. Again, you make me want to cry. The image of those makeshift memorials alongside the road is so, so powerful. I see them all the time–the silk flowers, the cross, on occasion a sign. The very spot where somebody died in a tragic accident. I shudder, think of the family, turn away. That could be me. Then it’s gone in the rearview mirror.

    I also love the music you have going here. Even “Jimmy Choo shoes” sounds so lovely. Awesome and Scotabulous!

  2. Holly D says:

    I think you just like to say Jimmy Choo shoes
    oh wait, you do…come to think of it so do I!! It’s so fun!
    And this poem is very powerful too, on a serious level.

  3. Scot says:

    this started out as a lover leaving in my mind that left a pair of shoes by the door. I included the simile of the roadside cross and it took on a whole different meaning, Maybe it is the same thing–perhaps sometimes it is,

  4. paisley says:

    i am glad i came in where i did,, after you had left the back story posted above…

    to me both are signs of desertion,, lovers leaving and livers dying.. both gone,, but not forgotten…..

  5. I love this. The transience of things meant to be left as memorials in permanence – transient because wind and weather can destroy them. I like your juxtaposition between the two.


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