hey jude

most everybody
had a shitty childhood
not that every minute
was a fucking nightmare
but the shit seems to stand out
stays fresh and
rubs off on your clothes
when you walk
too close to yesterday

i’d say you wear it well
like a yellow star
pinned to that dirty shirt
so others can
pick you out

bribe the guards
with what you got
to avoid the showers
because the smell
of shit is still better
than standing in line

11 Responses to hey jude

  1. Sumedh says:

    oh wow. wow!
    Excellent imagery, amazingly worded

  2. JO Janoski says:

    Yes, this is excellent imagery, grit and stench laced in truthfulness. Very good, really.

  3. JO Janoski says:

    P.S. Sorry you missed Bob’s bash. Would have been great to meet you.

  4. paisley says:

    very nice.. we are all equally as dirty aren’t we???

  5. Holly D says:

    HOLY CRAP…I love this one Scot! It has an incredible amount of energy…”rubs off on your clothes when you walk too close to yesterday” whoa…and the yellow star image.
    This is really amazing Scot. Maybe my favorite of yours so far…have I said that before? hehe.

  6. excellent, very convincing voice in there.

  7. maurie says:

    Beautifully worded, as none of us are free from dirt.

  8. kimtblogger says:

    Hard-hitting…. shit! Also like that get over it you’re not about to die attitude.

  9. Julie says:

    Ditto on the WOW factor here. This is awesome. I love the last stanza. So, so powerful! I also love the “when you walk too close to yesterday.” So many people do that a lot, don’t they? I love the voice, too. Send it out!

  10. Scot says:

    thank you all for the comments

  11. maurie says:

    Scott, Thankyou for providing such great material.( What a treasure you are ).**

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