nine one one

on a still night
i will cup my hands
and shout
i love you
the sound will carry
in the wind
try to wrap
itself around
your heart
and fail
your answer
comes back like a
march wind
tangled in treetops
a homemade kite crashing
without a tail

already knowing
the answer
i leave before 911
is called.

7 Responses to nine one one

  1. kimtblogger says:

    Edgy… unrequited love is the pits! It is so optimistic at the start and then cuts like a knife! Great.

  2. ht says:

    Who hasn’t been there? Your words speak for so many. Thanks.

  3. Julie says:

    Howdy, Scot. Do I always repeat myself here? I can’t help it. I love this poem. The words tangled like wind in the treetops is beautiful. And the 911 theme is so strong. Wonderful stuff, as always.

    I love how you can change voices so well from poem to poem. Some are bluesy, some are peaceful, some are humorous, some are the soft, slow words that get lost in the wind. But they’re all awesome.

  4. maurie says:

    What a powerful piece, the search to find Genuine love and friendship can be so tough, not everybody appreciates its beauty.

  5. Holly D says:

    Is it bad that I find this a little bit funny? Just the 911 part…
    It is a striking piece.

  6. Vincent says:

    I liked it up to the 911 part and also found that funny. I imagined you shouting on the still night in some place of tall buildings where indignant neighbours hear the shout and open their windows to tell you to “shut the fuck up” (the phrase sticks in my mind since I watched “The Great Lebowski”**) and they makes so much noise that someone calls 911.

    It’s like you said in the latest one: “i have no idea
    what the poem means
    but you do”

    ** Walter saying it every time Danny says anything at all, but then when they scatter his ashes out of a tin of Maxwell house coffee on a mountain top, Walter utters a magnificent eulogy of Danny the great hero.

  7. Scot says:

    Holly & Vincent–
    not bad at all. that is what makes poetry personal in a hundred different ways to a hundred different readers. I had thought about 911 because someone was going to die–of what? That was left up to the reader. I like Vincent’s take.. I really appreciate the questions and crits…I need something to make me think, what is in the mind of the reader..what you all like or don’t–I never want a canned answer

    Thanks you
    Maurie, Kim, HT, Julie–your visits are always appreciated,

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