where do you end up when you cross the bridge to nowhere?

when i sling
words together
a one man band
playing yr song
half tranced
i have no idea
what the poem means
but you do

7 Responses to where do you end up when you cross the bridge to nowhere?

  1. Vincent says:

    true. and that’s what makes this poetry business so bewitching.

  2. Sumedh says:

    Yes, very true. I can relate to this deeply. It is only in a trance that we end up saying the most profound things, which sometimes takes ourselves some time to understand.

    But then, at other times, a few go along with these pointers that words are and pointlessly analyse them, forsaking the thing they were intended to point to or allude.

  3. Christine says:

    Interesting title, I’m assuming you’re referring to politics, but then again a bridge to nowhere is metaphor for other things as well.

  4. JO Janoski says:

    Isn’t that what art (in this case, poetry) is all about? Create it and hand it over to others to relate to and find their unique meaning.

  5. Pris says:

    This really speaks to me. Good one, Scot.

  6. Holly D says:

    I love this! To focus on what the reader brings to a poem!

  7. Scot says:

    thanks all for reading–not sure what i was referring to in the title…

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