on winning the race

for vincent

one too many of us
spend our lives
to find
that perfect
job that
that perfect
never crossing the
finish line
finding the running
never wins the race

few learn
that the wayfarer
s l o w l y
sometimes crisscrossing
the same path for fear
something was missed
lets life
find them

and sometimes
on a perfect fall day
when the wind whips
colored leaves into
a miniature tornado
he will sit
quietly on a fallen log
and listen
to the story
as the leaves fall
around his feet

7 Responses to on winning the race

  1. maurie says:

    Beautiful focus upon the reality of a busy life , so busy infact , that it suggest a life just filled with purpose.Since some of us enjoy the journey, much more than the arrival.

  2. Vincent says:

    Scot I feel so honoured to be the object of a dedication, and join with you in a parallel world where you meet Hank Bukowski in a bar, and so on. Especially as all writing is fiction.

  3. JO Janoski says:

    Oh, I think this is one of your best. Vivid imagery, motion, gritty but mellowed by experience, philosophical. Good one!

  4. nathan1313 says:

    Exactly right Scot, this is exactly right.

  5. Sumedh says:

    As nathan said above, that is exactly right!

    How brilliantly done! 🙂

  6. Christine says:

    I love the image of the swirling leaves and the sound they make. The story metaphor is wonderful.

  7. Alexa Cohen says:

    Hello Scot,

    Perfect autumn day and perfect forest… there is nothing so beautiful as a a many coloured forest, showing all those red and golden and yellow leaves.

    Who cares for the rat race?

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