against a falling sun

it is our
sundown tree
against a falling sun
untouched by
bank failures
political failures
market failures
marriage failures
& failures
souvenir postcards
from desolation row

we still speak
of love
on this giant arm
spreading out
reaching out
catching the tears
of angels
the face of God.

7 Responses to against a falling sun

  1. Holly D says:

    I’ve been thinking (and talking) a lot about similar things lately…I was in a restaurant on Sunday with a friend, and this describes our conversation! Neato…
    Also, I love “sundown tree”

  2. ybonesy says:

    Nice. Calms me in spite of all the failures at the moment.

  3. johemmant says:

    Needed this today. Today was a very very bad day. The husband of a friend was beaten to death over the weekend……he intervened because 10 youths were attacking a couple. The world is melting down but then there’s your second stanza.

  4. maurie says:

    Beautiful piece , especially in such troubled times.

  5. Christine says:

    I felt a warmth go through me as I read this poem. A wonderful poem for a warm fall evening in Georgia.

  6. Julie says:

    Man, what an awesome title. It fits in more ways than one. Knocked me out! I also agree with everybody else about the theme. I REALLY needed this poem today. The second stanza calmed me, too. You’re right, though. A sunset, a tree, the one we love, and everything’s gonna be alright.

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