Misti Rainwater-Lites–An Introduction to a Long Ass Interview

by Scot Young

Many of us look back at our bios once they are printed and wish for a retraction. The freshness or cleverness of the time turns into the same cranked out shit. This interview needed a unique introduction for the lady who screams pussy to the world. Not the same old recycled crap of she did this after she did that. Not another list of credits either. I needed to crawl into the mind of Misti, look out her eyes and say hey fuckers this is Misti Rainwater-Lites. But who can really do that and make it believable. So, I asked her for something tender, something outrageous, something totally different. I got this.

Misti Rainwater-Lites is a cracked teapot. She has tried to sell herself on eBay but nobody wants to bid on a bat shit crazy broke ass poet who has one mixed media painting to her name. The title of the painting was Screaming Pussy but is now Crazy With The Cheez Whiz. Misti is currently working on a comedic pornographic horror script with Matt Finney and Michael Lites tentatively titled “White Trash Werewolf” with Evan Stone, the best porn star on the planet, in mind. Misti will not give blow jobs for publication credits but she might send you a lipsticked autographed copy of one of her many self-published books because she’s ditzy like that. If you would like to purchase a collection of 63 PEZ dispensers that includes Yoda (Misti’s favorite) and a bunch of other exciting characters, contact Misti at ebulliencepress@gmail.com. Misti is also selling metal lunchboxes, Barbie dolls and collages at rock bottom (with the depressed American economy in mind) prices. Misti is interested in writing children’s books, teaching tap dance lessons to little gay boys and learning how to box so she can beat people up and get paid for it. Misti also dreams of someday reading her poems in rainbow sequins at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. Speaking of rainbows, Misti also dreams of someday owning a retro motor court somewhere in the Land of Enchantment called Inn of the Rainbow, which will include a honeymoon suite for gays only. Misti will conduct gay marriage ceremonies at the motel. She will get her license online.

This Interview, that includes her poem Sex Tape, will be published in Side of Grits over at Rural Messengers Press along with a poem of mine. I believe the first issue is due out November 1.

5 Responses to Misti Rainwater-Lites–An Introduction to a Long Ass Interview

  1. Julie says:

    Go crazy with the Cheez Whiz!!!! Ha! Excellent, Scot. Misti’s work is SO powerful. I use all caps with that one. SO POWERFUL! I’d love to meet her. She seems like she’d be fun as hell. Awesome picture, too! You’re the king of interviews.

    So, when’s the party? I’d better be invited, or I will show up anyway (and eat all your food and drink all your booze and puke on your rug and never leave). Thanks for a great read.

  2. Christine says:

    Well, that’s certainly not your typical bio. Misti is living large, for sure!

    I’ve been on the road, unable to blog so much, or read. Thanks for reading my latest post, and for commenting.

  3. johemmant says:

    Yep, she sounds different. And different is good.

  4. Pris says:

    I agree with you about bios. I read most of mine after I send them in (and the others in the journal) and think BOring. This one sings. Think we could get away with sending this type to a traditional journal?:-)

  5. Scot says:

    I doubt it–but if you know of any–let me know 🙂

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