Hello Kitty

I have several poems included in Misti Rainwater’s new zine release of Instant Pussy 13.  You will also find a poem by Misti and one by Christopher Robin as well as others.  The book may be purchased  through paypal for $8.88 or downloaded for free.

5 Responses to Hello Kitty

  1. Vincent says:

    This was my comment which it thinks I have sent already:

    I’ve been very slow on the uptake, not understanding most of your poems. Only now, seeing some of them in the Instant Pussy context, do I see the anger and despair consequent on – as I now see it – the US horizon having changed as it has in the fifty years since Ginsberg’s extraordinarily prophetic Howl. For it seems to me ( a foreigner who can only glimpse America in a rare strobe that lights up my ignorance) that Howl was an expression of optimism against the odds: something to give hope to all those who were sensitive.

    And it seems to me now as if America (I mean its powerful majority) reacted to Howl as it later did to 9/11: with greater repression and more whitewashing.

    And now, in October 2008, comes a further attack, but this time it really is an inside job, capitalism devouring itself.

    Forgive me, but I still hope.

  2. Vincent says:

    Is there some automated censorship of comments? I tried to repost my original comment and it said “You have already submitted this comment”. But it didn’t publish it!!

  3. Vincent says:

    Sorry about all that Scot. I wondered if there was some kind of filter censuring my comment so I had to submit it in bits. Could it be the department of homeland security?

  4. Scot says:

    Everything was sent to spam–could have been fbi or cia–you just never know…
    Thanks for your comments and vision of this world

  5. Julie says:

    I see optimism in your poems, Scot. I don’t see anger. I do agree you have a very American male voice, which is awesome, but I also see your work as a lovely portrait of the heartland, relationships, etc. Even your “angry” poems have a tendency to be playful and/or twinged with hope. Maybe that’s just me. Maybe I’m reading something into it that’s not there, but what the hell. Can I do a review of your first book?

    I’m gonna buy this one when I have a few extra bucks. You’re next on the list.

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