pieces of yesterday between summer and winter

i burned the brush
pile out back
the smoke layered
in the maiden grass
copper plumes reaching
from a green sea

it is part of autumn
like a cool fog rising
from a morning pond

your eyes reflect
a spark
jazz dancing
like kerouac’s
roman candle across
the beat black sky

10 Responses to pieces of yesterday between summer and winter

  1. johemmant says:

    Really like this one, gorgeous images.

  2. christine says:

    Nice how you combine the allusions to past poets and generations with the present moment, the present season. The poem evokes a sort of contemplative mood.

    btw, I’m starting a new blog. Here’s, the uRL-


  3. nathan1313 says:

    Great color and texture here.

  4. Julie says:

    This is so beautiful. I love the beat black sky. That’s going on my list of all time favorite lines.

  5. maurie says:

    Lovely balance between the images, light and shade and the illusions of past poet generations ./ great work.**

  6. Scot says:

    thanks to all who commented–appreciated

  7. Holly D says:

    nice sounds, nice imagery…*hi* wish i could keep up these days with your work…so prolific! you go~!

  8. Srijan says:

    great imagination, amazing description!

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