one two three

it is a sad place
where I hide
looking out
the wavy glass
of yesterday

catching the light
just right
i can move
with the reflection
a lonesome waltz
having memorized
the steps
years ago

7 Responses to one two three

  1. jojanoski says:

    Wavy glass! Good one.

  2. somehow I’ve stumbled onto your site and am so enjoying it!

    I am also from Missouri though I now hermiting in Colorado with my Apple computer writing rhyming poetry. Brautigan and Bukowski are on my shelves, too.

    Please take a gander at my site:

    if you have a chance! Thanks for your touching poetry! Sheri

  3. “though I’m now hermiting…”

    I need an editor – or maybe it would help if I wear my reading glasses.

  4. Julie says:

    Hey, Mr. Scot. I’ve been out of town, which is why I have been uncharacteristically quiet. I know you were pacing the floor and wondering where I was:)

    Okay, enough about me. You have a great poem here. Strong lines and music. I like the wavy glass, too. It brings up so many memories of my grandmother’s old mirror. For me, that really sets the tone of “yesterday.”

  5. Sumedh says:

    That’s a nicely put image…

  6. Holly Dunlap says:

    This is something to which I can sorely relate…well put.

  7. Srijan says:

    beautiful! :). Nice uses of figure of speech.

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