I-435 & Truman Road

there are 3 homeless guys
living under the bridge
on truman road
you can see their
damp blankets
water bottles lined up
tucked under the steel
each have a section
for sleep
share  the sound of a semi
and sirens on their ceiling
they spend the day
on plastic buckets
holding signs


for an angel
to come down
for a window
to roll down

you know the guys
the bucket
the sign
the cold stares
like a dull sun
shining off a winter lake
like waiting
for the ice to freeze
enough for christmas skates

you’ve see them
through tinted glass
then turn away
like that child
afraid if the ice breaks
you will have to ask
for help

6 Responses to I-435 & Truman Road

  1. Julie says:

    Another very powerful poem, Scot. Again…awesome last stanza and the details paint the scene vividly. Yes, we have all seen these men. I wonder how many times they’ve seen tinted glass roll up as cars go by? Probably too many times to count. Thanks for another powerful read.

  2. jojanoski says:

    I like the second to last stanza, too. Perfect!

  3. maurie says:

    Great piece, we can all identify with this powerful intrusion into the world of the Homeless, and the hungry , concerned , but to proud to make a difference.**

  4. you capture the moment very well here, the heartlessness in the last stanza particularly

  5. nathan1313 says:

    I like that you capture the waiting, their presence.

  6. whypaisley says:

    yep… i know them… but i know their names too…..

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