evolution of butterlies (part 3)

November 30, 2008

butterflies on the rocks

bends over
shows the red lace

stretched against
silk skin

she slowly adds
ice to a new drink

watching the clock
tick saturday night

seconds of lonely
i fold dollar

bills into
origami butterflies

Evolution of Butterflies (a study of) part 2

November 29, 2008

Butterflies on the Rocks (six sentences)

She has a nightly habit of dropping coasters and half damp books of matches between the tables. As a solicitation of higher tips she bends over knees locked and picks them up, putting them back on the tray always casually giving me a sideways glance.  This routine inevitably allows me to catch a glimpse of just the edge of lace on her red panties stretched tight against her silk bronze skin.   Like a downtown dancer after one revolution around the pole she spins, leans over the bar with her new breasts still sore from surgery and slowly adds ice to a drink.  I study her calves as she leans forward and watch the bar clock slowly tick away seconds of Saturday night lonely. Quietly, I stir my drink and practice folding dollar bills into origami butterflies.

Happy Thanksgiving

November 28, 2008

clara11We spent the day with family enjoying the dinner and the beautiful day.  I especially loved the time spent with Auntie Clara–is there a story in this face or what?

This angel is full of stories about growing up on the plains of Wyoming during cattle roundups before dirt roads when there was only wide spots.  She told me of hauling in enough rock by horse drawn wagon to build a stone house.  She spoke of how her family hitched up the wagon and drove it to Chugwater, Wyoming, housed the horses in the stable and from there took the train to Cheyenne.
She stated that the women in her family once they reached 90 never knew how to die and we are glad of that stubbornness.  Clara is 94 and sometimes lets her pet raccoons into her kitchen to share her meals on wheels that are delivered daily to her.  I asked her if she had any regrets?

“Not a damn one.  I have always done as I pleased”

evolution of butterflies ( a study of)

November 27, 2008

What is found below is a one sentence piece.  Many friends say they can’t write except for poetry.  What will follow is a six sentence (part 2) taken/adapted from this one sentence aka part 1.  These two will be followed by part 3 which is a poem.  I really don’t think they are flash fiction, maybe prose poetry, but labels are really for those that need to define.

evolution of butterflies (a study of) part 1

November 27, 2008

butterflies on the rocks (one sentence)

she has a habit of dropping coasters, books of matches between the tables; as a  solicitation of higher tips she bends over knees locked, shows the edge of the lace on her red panties against silk bronze skin and like a dancer after one revolution around the pole she spins, leans over the bar with her new breasts still sore and slowly adds ice to a drink as we fold dollar bills into origami butterflies

she told me sometimes indians are better than stars

November 25, 2008

first blow job at 13
all the way

two weeks later
with her brother’s friend

hanging off the seat
of a LTD top down

looking up counting

how i wonder where you are

until it was over

last night’s

john from cleveland
likes to play

cowboys & indians
staring at the ceiling

counting perforations

one little
two little
three little…

until it was over

Announcing Shoots and Vines

November 24, 2008

Hey, go check this new online magazine out, SHOOTS and VINES.  A friend of mine just launched it.  They are seeking good work of all kinds to publish and I know a few people who just may fit.  So, if you see any of my work, leave me a holler.  It is updated regularly, so put it on your list.

New CD by A. D. Winans

November 24, 2008

What Readers Have Said About The Reagan Psalms

adw-20052The Reagan Psalms audio CD is from Winan’s book, The Reagan Psalms (now out of print), which was published in 1984 by Integrity Times Press. The book was a scathing indictment against Reaganomics and the Ronald Reagan Administration.  The book (A small piece of history) received considerable media attention, including comments from U.S. Senators, Journalists, and other well-known personalities. Below is a small sample of comments:

“Thank you so much for sending me The Reagan Psalms. I found it most interesting, not only because of the unique format, but because of your insights on President Reagan.”

The late Arthur Hoppe, Pulitzer Prize winning syndicated columnist.

“I like your stuff (The Reagan Psalms)) very much. It’s a fine tribute to the pronunciations of the White House Toby.”
Studs Terkel

“Thank you for sharing with me, The Reagan Psalms. I’m impressed with how thoroughly you’ve gone about indicting Reaganomics—and you have some wonderfully juxtaposed quotes.”
The late U.S. Senator, Alan Cranston.

“I appreciate your bringing this valuable book to my attention.
Edward M. Kennedy, U. S. Senator

“Thanks for sending me your book, The Reagan Psalms, and it’s all so true. We have a writer friend staying with us and I will show him your book. I know he will thoroughly agree with your philosophy and enjoy your poetic talent.”
Joan Baez, Sr.

Gold Package:

This special collector edition is limited to a hundred numbered CD’s, which includes a handsome booklet with several poems by Mr. Winans and comes in a black Presentation Case. $29.90 It makes for a great gift too.

Silver Package:

CD’s available in shrink-wrapped jewel cases. No booklet. $19.99

Foreign orders payable by International Money Order, or by PayPal.

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to be published in anthology of jazz haiku

November 23, 2008


Frisking the Whiskers

on the street two beat
jump jazz swings the door open
scat cats call us in

(I was contacted by a VP from Haiku Canada who is putting together an Anthology of Jazz haiku)

Bob Church

November 22, 2008

& smiles