Published in Side of Grits

Check out the first issue of Side of Grits over at Rural Messengers Press.  I have a poem and two interviews in this issue–one with Misti Rainwater-Lites and the other with Christoper Robin and I have been labeled the interview guy for the mag.  In this issue you will find some of the best writers in the small press.  Hats off To Michelle and Wayne who put out a kick ass menu.

5 Responses to Published in Side of Grits

  1. nathan1313 says:

    Yeah, there’s a lot of great stuff in there. I really like the look of it too.

  2. maurie says:

    gosh, what a lot of material to reflect on, great stuff.**

  3. leftoverkumquats says:

    i really enjoyed this stanza in “It is the Last Verse That Nobody Knows Blues”:
    “the smoke rises
    in mississippi jukejoints
    foot stomp
    on the down beat
    bend the e string
    on pawn shop guitars
    of bo didley boxes
    shoeboxmade on a worn
    shotgun porch


  4. Julie says:

    Great work! I just gave you a shout out at my house.

  5. christine says:

    I just read your poem – you capture that part of the South I love, the outdoors, blues, guitars. Great. I’ll go read your reviews next.

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