running with ruby woo

she puts on red lipstick with the leftover brush of rembrandt
buys gucci  boots and hollywood boobs, shakes her sassy ass
down saturday night and fucks the world like the rise and fall
of the third reich just because she can.

7 Responses to running with ruby woo

  1. Dana says:

    I see you’ve been following me again. 😉

  2. Paul says:

    Bad boy. That’s a cool sentence. I’ll have to go and see if I can write one longer and twistier. How’s it going, Scot?

  3. Julie says:

    Ha! Ha! I’m still laughing at Dana’s comment. I’m so glad you posted today, Scot. I was waiting for it. This is great. The leftover brush of Rembrandt…such a good phrase. Lots of music here, too. Love the Hollywood boobs, too. I love it.

  4. paisley says:

    oh this is tight… i love flash,, and this six sentences things takes it to a whole new level doesn’t it…. right on!!!

  5. christine says:

    Hee hee, Dana is such a smart aleck, ya gotta love her. You sure do create quite a character and a life in one sentence.

  6. johemmant says:

    Love the sentence, love Dana’s comment too……….

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