a study in gender development

you were walking to a downtown  lunch
i was one of the construction workers
hanging out the 8th floor window
grabbing  my crotch
wolf whistle/yelling
hey  ba-by

you stopped
whirled around  &
gave us a combination of
shove it up yr ass and the finger
in one fluid motion
we all laughed
slapped each other on the arm
looked down the street for the next

but that was before research told us
the frontal lobe in males developed
slower than females

before I became a father
of  three daughters
(who sometimes like to have
lunch downtown)
i was just an asshole

14 Responses to a study in gender development

  1. paisley says:

    nah… you were just a guy… its cool we know that…

  2. malcolmjames says:

    I really like the way you cycle back to being an asshole.

  3. Alexa Cohen says:

    Oh my!

    Do guys behave the same all over the world?

    It made me smile

  4. Julie says:

    Excellent poem, Scot! Send this one out for sure. I’m around guys at work all day who talk crap, hoot, whatever, and I just blow it off (hee hee…she said blow). Honestly, it doesn’t usually bother me.

    But one day, I was walking down the street with my daughter, and some assholes made comments about having a two-fer with us. She was in the eighth grade. The hair raised on the back of my neck, and if I could have caught them, I would have ripped their freaking heads off with my bare hands. No kidding. It’s like messing with a Mama bear.

    Send it out! This is excellent work.

  5. Holly D says:

    hehe! too funny! Sometimes I’m a little flattered if it’s not too creepy, like just a nice whistle or something.

  6. maurie says:

    What a great story, like it >**

  7. JO says:

    Ha! What goes around comes around!

  8. nathan1313 says:

    This is great. I have a young daughter and I can’t even think about the day this kind of stuff will happen to her.

  9. A~Lotus says:

    I really like the way you made a “silly, stupid” situation into something comical and light. I’m sure all fathers can definitely relate to this! It’s a delightful read.

    Thank you for sharing and for visiting my poetry site. 🙂

  10. Nice! This made me chuckle and then realise how quickly we change when we’re on the other side of the door.


  11. christine says:

    I’ve never understood why some men, and it always seems to be construction workers, make cat calls. But the poem does a good job of showing how a man can raise his level of awareness.

  12. S.L. Corsua says:

    Loved it. Hindsight sure is a writer’s best friend. 😉

  13. Love it! There’s nothing like becoming a parent to give us a new window on our own behaviours, eh?

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