the persimmons cling
to tops of the trees

purple against a winter
sky defying death

for a while longer
like a high wire act

practicing without a net
in the end

winter will win
applaud when it

hits the ground
and you will

not even notice
the loss

6 Responses to winter

  1. Holly D says:

    I really like this…the line breaks are excellent.

  2. S.L. Corsua says:

    Oh yes. Excellent compression. 🙂 Cheers.

  3. johemmant says:

    I really like it too.

  4. Julie says:

    Excellent. I can taste the persimmons. I love how they are defying death, but winter finally wins. So true. Wonderful ending, too.

  5. I do like this. I agree with Holly. The line breaks add something to this piece. I love it. They make you…hesitate.


  6. nathan1313 says:

    Holly already mentioned the line breaks so I’ll just say how much I like this one.

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