Announcing Shoots and Vines

Hey, go check this new online magazine out, SHOOTS and VINES.  A friend of mine just launched it.  They are seeking good work of all kinds to publish and I know a few people who just may fit.  So, if you see any of my work, leave me a holler.  It is updated regularly, so put it on your list.

4 Responses to Announcing Shoots and Vines

  1. nathan1313 says:

    Great name for a zine. Your “first gig” is really good — vivid.

  2. Scot says:

    I am told this will be updated almost daily if not so

  3. Julie says:

    Awesome work! I love your poems. It’s a beautiful zine, too. I’ll comment there, as well. Congratulations, Scot! You rock the free world.

  4. malablogger says:

    Yes I agree beautiful piece.

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