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What Readers Have Said About The Reagan Psalms

adw-20052The Reagan Psalms audio CD is from Winan’s book, The Reagan Psalms (now out of print), which was published in 1984 by Integrity Times Press. The book was a scathing indictment against Reaganomics and the Ronald Reagan Administration.  The book (A small piece of history) received considerable media attention, including comments from U.S. Senators, Journalists, and other well-known personalities. Below is a small sample of comments:

“Thank you so much for sending me The Reagan Psalms. I found it most interesting, not only because of the unique format, but because of your insights on President Reagan.”

The late Arthur Hoppe, Pulitzer Prize winning syndicated columnist.

“I like your stuff (The Reagan Psalms)) very much. It’s a fine tribute to the pronunciations of the White House Toby.”
Studs Terkel

“Thank you for sharing with me, The Reagan Psalms. I’m impressed with how thoroughly you’ve gone about indicting Reaganomics—and you have some wonderfully juxtaposed quotes.”
The late U.S. Senator, Alan Cranston.

“I appreciate your bringing this valuable book to my attention.
Edward M. Kennedy, U. S. Senator

“Thanks for sending me your book, The Reagan Psalms, and it’s all so true. We have a writer friend staying with us and I will show him your book. I know he will thoroughly agree with your philosophy and enjoy your poetic talent.”
Joan Baez, Sr.

Gold Package:

This special collector edition is limited to a hundred numbered CD’s, which includes a handsome booklet with several poems by Mr. Winans and comes in a black Presentation Case. $29.90 It makes for a great gift too.

Silver Package:

CD’s available in shrink-wrapped jewel cases. No booklet. $19.99

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