Evolution of Butterflies (a study of) part 2

Butterflies on the Rocks (six sentences)

She has a nightly habit of dropping coasters and half damp books of matches between the tables. As a solicitation of higher tips she bends over knees locked and picks them up, putting them back on the tray always casually giving me a sideways glance.  This routine inevitably allows me to catch a glimpse of just the edge of lace on her red panties stretched tight against her silk bronze skin.   Like a downtown dancer after one revolution around the pole she spins, leans over the bar with her new breasts still sore from surgery and slowly adds ice to a drink.  I study her calves as she leans forward and watch the bar clock slowly tick away seconds of Saturday night lonely. Quietly, I stir my drink and practice folding dollar bills into origami butterflies.

3 Responses to Evolution of Butterflies (a study of) part 2

  1. johemmant says:

    I like how this is carried by movement…….

  2. paisley says:

    a clever expansion on an already perfect scenario….

  3. malablogger says:

    loverly focus on movement and expression .

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