evolution of butterlies (part 3)

butterflies on the rocks

bends over
shows the red lace

stretched against
silk skin

she slowly adds
ice to a new drink

watching the clock
tick saturday night

seconds of lonely
i fold dollar

bills into
origami butterflies

6 Responses to evolution of butterlies (part 3)

  1. johemmant says:

    Yep, this works really, really well.

  2. Paul Squires says:

    Ahh, it does, very pretty and sensual. Butterflies are an eternal image, constantly reworkable in their delicacy and tendancy to open their wings,

  3. malablogger says:

    Nice, quite beautiful and sensual,as well as being delicate.**

  4. cruxandflux says:

    i like this one a lot 🙂

  5. Julie says:

    I’ve been meaning to comment on these since I got back. Love the butterfly! There’s much music in the words, and I love the setting, the sex, the entire story. And the loneliness. The dollar bills/origami butterflies is a fantastic image. The butterflies could be the dollars or…well…we all know. I love the double (and often multiple) meanings in your work. Absolutely beautiful.

  6. The poem is delicate…I think of chained lace. And now I see where that 6S piece came from. Awesome.


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