See me at Shoots and Vines

Please visit this weekend me at Shoots and Vines, a new zine where Crystal Folz will have me as a feature  writer on December 12, 13, 14  and continuing throughout the weekend with work added daily.  I must say I am  honored to be the first.  If you haven’t submitted here yet, send her your best work.  It is one of the hottest new zines going and it is updated almost daily, so check it out often and give me a holler.

4 Responses to See me at Shoots and Vines

  1. johemmant says:

    What she said *grin*.

  2. maurie says:

    Better than I expected, ( great writing though )M**.

  3. Julie says:

    Congratulations, Scot! This is awesome (and has one of my new all time favorite poems in it). Please don’t shut down your site yet! I just got back from another whirlwind trip and am reading what I missed. Gimme a little more time to read, okay? Or will you move everything over here to the new site?

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