Hosho McCreesh Interview

I wrote this for Outsider Writers a while back.  It now appears on Outlaw Poetry.  It is a good interview because of Hosho, not me.  Check this out and if you have not read his work–you are certainly missing out.

While you are at it, I also run the Not Your Bitch Poetry Series, Man Cave–The Poetry Series and run some Mini Interviews on some pretty good female poets–all at Outsider Writers….

5 Responses to Hosho McCreesh Interview

  1. DOMINO says:

    I feel lucky today.

  2. malablogger says:

    Quite a stricking piece of writing really.

  3. Hi Scot
    I got your note. Thanks. I’m going away day after tomorrow for four days so will take you up on your gracious invitation when I return if that’s okay. My email address is on my blog or you can message me on Facebook to give me yours. I may have it, but in tranferring data to the new computer I lost part of my addresses, so I’m not sure.

    Thanks again.


  4. maurie says:

    Gosh, what a great piece of writing / nice.

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