Review of Train to Chihuanhua at OW

December 7, 2008

My review of  Train To Chihuahua by Travis Blair is up at  The Guild Of Outsider Writers.  Remember I don’t review or recommend crappy books, only the good ones.  Treat yourself to a Christmas present like I did.

Travis Blair

When I was a young man
I asked him why
he always went South.
He just split that infamous grin
and said, “Chili’s hotter
in Mexico.”

–Travis Blair




November 17, 2008

the persimmons cling
to tops of the trees

purple against a winter
sky defying death

for a while longer
like a high wire act

practicing without a net
in the end

winter will win
applaud when it

hits the ground
and you will

not even notice
the loss

running with ruby woo

November 11, 2008

she puts on red lipstick with the leftover brush of rembrandt
buys gucci  boots and hollywood boobs, shakes her sassy ass
down saturday night and fucks the world like the rise and fall
of the third reich just because she can.

unlocked haiku

November 10, 2008

dog eared love on
yellow pages  lost in
unlocked dairy

haiku winter

November 8, 2008

winter sun shoots
low through half-naked trees
a morning laser

whisper when i stop

November 6, 2008

i stand alone on resurrection
ground under a crescent moon

it is warm for november     these days
the seasons move in inches…slower

tonight against a blue black mountain
i count those that have left

bones scattered but memories held
together like a daisy chain pressed

in the family bible tucked away
waiting to be discovered     one day

remembered    touched by a child’s hands
on some summer sunday

i walk on sacred ground under
a new moon never casting a shadow

hear only the sounds of dry leaves
the color of copper rake together when I walk

nothing but the wind’s
whisper     when i stop

are you sure hank did it this a way?

October 31, 2008

hank Williams jr called
last night
a paid political puppet
in a last ditch effort
bashing  bashing bashing

ba- rack- o- bam- a
running scared

in the last hour
don’t vote for

o-bam a

(you say)
& his radical friends…
so if you want to keep yr gun
like I do
don’t let the democrat
liberal who doo
take it away

oh hell little bocephus
your guitar must be tuned
too tight
cause your songs don’t
sound the same
and this time the coat tails
that your ridin’
ain’t no magic carpet