Published Six Sentence at ouroborosreview

December 9, 2008

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Review of Train to Chihuanhua at OW

December 7, 2008

My review of  Train To Chihuahua by Travis Blair is up at  The Guild Of Outsider Writers.  Remember I don’t review or recommend crappy books, only the good ones.  Treat yourself to a Christmas present like I did.

Travis Blair

When I was a young man
I asked him why
he always went South.
He just split that infamous grin
and said, “Chili’s hotter
in Mexico.”

–Travis Blair


lost reflection haiku

November 14, 2008

standing on the bridge
koi swim in pairs under
this fresh cut heart

a study in gender development

November 12, 2008

you were walking to a downtown  lunch
i was one of the construction workers
hanging out the 8th floor window
grabbing  my crotch
wolf whistle/yelling
hey  ba-by

you stopped
whirled around  &
gave us a combination of
shove it up yr ass and the finger
in one fluid motion
we all laughed
slapped each other on the arm
looked down the street for the next

but that was before research told us
the frontal lobe in males developed
slower than females

before I became a father
of  three daughters
(who sometimes like to have
lunch downtown)
i was just an asshole

haiku diary

November 11, 2008

cries over summer
violets pressed forgotten
‘tween yellow pages

running with ruby woo

November 11, 2008

she puts on red lipstick with the leftover brush of rembrandt
buys gucci  boots and hollywood boobs, shakes her sassy ass
down saturday night and fucks the world like the rise and fall
of the third reich just because she can.

haiku winter

November 8, 2008

winter sun shoots
low through half-naked trees
a morning laser