Poesy Magazine

June 17, 2009

Has published a poem of mine in Issue 38… check out Poesy.  In this print issue you will find William Taylor Junior and A.D. Winans along with me.


I have two up at

June 15, 2009


Issue 5

Scot Young Published

June 15, 2009


you asked me one day if we were brothers…by Scot Young

May 1, 2009

–for Bob Church

some people go through this life
never making a true connection
with another human being
never really making a difference
but your footprint
left gently in the mud
beside the lake
will be found
years from now
into a single mold
put on display
so others will know
how it should always be

Waiting for the End of Yesterday by Scot Young

April 16, 2009

has been reprinted at YELLOW MAMA

A.D. Winans and Rebecca Schumejda

April 14, 2009

at the Rusty Truck

Hosho McCreesh Interview

March 22, 2009

I wrote this for Outsider Writers a while back.  It now appears on Outlaw Poetry.  It is a good interview because of Hosho, not me.  Check this out and if you have not read his work–you are certainly missing out.

While you are at it, I also run the Not Your Bitch Poetry Series, Man Cave–The Poetry Series and run some Mini Interviews on some pretty good female poets–all at Outsider Writers….